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That’s why we want to do it right! FOCUS ensures that your needs are being met, our promises are being kept  and even surpassed!


With our all-inclusive rental package, we take on full responsibility in providing you with an elevated service offering – even after the contract is signed! We offer a guarantee on technological obsolescence, continued web-evolution of FOCUS and hardware development throughout the entire duration of the contract.

  • FREE TRAININGS! Need to refresh your memory, train a new employee or understand an added feature – FOCUS can provide you with a personalized training for one employee or an entire department.
  • Follow-up calls are provided throughout the entire length of the contract to ensure that satisfaction is continuously being attained.
  • In-person and virtual presentations – choose which works best for you! Each presentation is customized to your specific industry.

HAVE A QUESTION? Call us! You are DIRECTLY linked to a member of our support team, trained to respond to any of your questions – enabling you to get your answer FAST!


  • Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our customers and provide them with the guided support to increase productivity, lower operational-costs and succeed in their business endeavors.


“Being a FOCUS user, we really appreciate the ability to customize FOCUS to our needs, despite our complex application requests, the programming team listens to us and we truly see that customer satisfaction is an extremely important factor.

They have provided us with added-value in the accuracy of the information collected as well as a simple and user-friendly interface that enables us to easily train new users.

Using FOCUS, we know the exact locations of where abrasive materials were used, enabling us to provide a detailed and simple report to our customers.

In addition, we know real time information about the precise volume of snow being transported to drop-off sites allowing us to easily identify wait times.

We are also able to manage customer complaints quickly and efficiently therefore increasing response times and customer satisfaction.”

Jason Imbeault (CMS Entrepreneurs Généraux Inc.)

“In our business, time is money! What FOCUS has given us is the ability to be more organized and productive – saving us valuable resources.

The main importance is knowing where our vehicles are at all times; this reduces search time and makes our operations more efficient.

Since NRJ offers several services, we needed an application that keeps us continuously updated and provides us with the answers to our questions…FOCUS does this!”

Jean Delisle (Environnement Routier NRJ Inc.)

FOCUS allows us to better manage our fleet through immediate and direct contact with each vehicle. By offering us the possibility of sending our employees directly to a site, FOCUS helps us manage our projects much more efficiently, allowing our employees to put more emphasis on their work rather than on administrative tasks.

FOCUS also allows us to save money with respect to our fuel consumption! With the information that FOCUS provides, we are able to manage our business in a safe, practical and efficient manner!”

Daniel Ridard (Sanexen Services Environnementaux Inc.)

“Using FOCUS has given us an advanced yet easy way to track our fleet – we are able to know the exact location, whether in Canada or the United States, of all of our vehicles. This has helped to save time and provide accurate delivery times.

With the additional feature of the delivery order, we are also able to optimize deliveries instantaneously and follow the progression of our routes. We save so much administrative time due to the electronic signature and immediate confirmation! FOCUS is a great tool for any company in our industry!”

Carl Bernier (Transport Dofax Ltée.)

 We have been clients of FOCUS for nearly two years now and working in the customer service domain, we own a fleet of approximately 70 vehicles.

FOCUS provides our company with an essential tool that enables us to simplify our daily tasks and lighten our workload. The FOCUS interface is very visual and easy to use. The geolocation of our fleet greatly improves the task of creating our work itineraries as well as provides us with an optimization of our time management. FOCUS generates several reports essential to good management, accounting and mechanics. Furthermore, it is possible to adapt the FOCUS system configuration according to our choice of driving parameters and desired alerts.

To conclude, the FOCUS team consists of professional and courteous individuals!”

Nicolas L’Heureux (Aubin Pélissier Services D’Entretien Inc.)

“Before FOCUS, tracking our fuel was always a concern. We were unsure as to which employee was fueling which vehicle and how much they were taking. We weren’t able to manage our fuel inventory and this was a definite problem for our company. With the implementation of FOCUS, that problem disappeared! All of our employees now have identification keys that allow us to control the access to our tanks and manage our fuel accordingly.

In addition, FOCUS has enabled us to take advantage of the tax-return on fuel – something we were incapable of doing before due to the complex information required. Now, with the simple click of a mouse, we print the reports needed. This has allowed us to file for our tax-return on fuel every month – increasing our monthly cash flow up to $1000! Extra money in our pockets is something we don’t say no to and it’s all thanks to FOCUS!”

Mike and Chantale Mierzwinkski (Excavation Stanley Mierzwinski Ltee.)

FOCUS offers a level of customer-service that is not only associated to one department but rather integrated as an essential component throughout our entire company. From our technicians to our sales division to our management team, you can rest assure that your questions will be answered, your problems will be resolved and your satisfaction will be achieved.

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