Reduce Costs:

  • Monitor and evaluate driver behavior to reduce fuel consumption and manage vehicle wear-and-tear.
  • Manage fuel consumption and keep track of who is fueling up, on which vehicle/machinery and by how much.
  • Lower maintenance cost through scheduled alerts anticipated by date, time or mileage.
  • Task management – manage tasks based on the schedule of a project according to the necessary resources.

Increase Productivity:

  • On-site activity tracking through cellular Wi-Fi or satellite networks.
  • Task management – control the on-going steps of a project by zone or by contract.
  • Electronic time sheets per employee with employee identification.
  • Produce full report of operating-engine hours.

Increase Supervision:

  • Equipment management per project.
  • Benefit from equipment monitoring at all times.

Increase Customer Satisfaction:

  • Be one step ahead – alerts for employees, equipment, vehicles and necessary re-fueling are all available to keep you well-organized.
  • Increase employee safety.

Features for your Industry

FOCUS – Satellite

FOCUS – Satellite

  • Overcome geographical location of remote areas for continuous service.
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Task Management

Task Management

  • Create the steps of a project with real-time supervision of on-going tasks by project, zone and contract.
  • Programmed alerts for scheduled tasks notifying you to move on to the next.
  • Monitor material resources used in predefined tasks per project, zone and contract.
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Fuel Management

Fuel Management

  • Manage every access to your tanks through electronic I.D. for both employees and vehicles – elimination of the pin number
  • Automatic alert when the critical level of the reservoir is reached notifying you to contact your supplier.
  • Automatically provides the information needed for the tax-return on fuel.
  • Set a capacity limit of fuel per vehicle and ensure fueling accurate.
  • Start your pump remotely, from anywhere at anytime.
  • Calculate valued reports like the average fuel consumption per vehicle per driver.
  • Eliminate manual data entry by the employee – avoid errors and increase precision.
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