Trailer and Asset Management

Reduce Costs:

  • Monitor the temperature of your refrigerated units in real-time and minimize inventory loss.
  • Decrease search time of your equipment.
  • Lower maintenance cost of your trailers through scheduled alerts anticipated by date, time or mileage.

Increase Productivity:

  • Accurate and error-free reporting – quickly and efficiently calculate container movements per billing zone.
  • Exact trailer mileage to ensure the accuracy of customer billing.
  • Manage the movement of your assets and equipment.
  • Accurate billing of equipment by location and by time of use.

Increase Supervision:

  • Real-time supervision – track all movements of your containers and manage exceptions with movement alerts.
  • Monitor the location of high-value content and increase recovery time of stolen or lost items.
  • Containers tracking map – know when an asset/equipment has entered a zone, the duration of their stay and when they left.

Increase Customer Satisfaction:

  • Know the exact time and location of a trailer or asset to ensure accurate customer billing.
  • Conform to your customer’s needs in offering additional trailer and asset tracking.

Features for your Industry

I.D. – Trailer

I.D. – Trailer

  • Identify and monitor the management of your trailers in real-time.
  • Know which trailer is attached to which vehicle and manage your trailer maintenance accordingly.
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  • Track your assets/equipment with periodic positioning – delivers peace of mind.
  • Customizable to offer several positions per day with a battery life of 1800 positions.
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  • Live trailer tracking of your assets/equipment – delivers peace of mind.
  • Real-time tracking while moving.
  • Periodic positioning when idle.
  • Position updates are customizable.
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