Waste and Recycling

Reduce Costs:

  • Avoid added kilometers with the route optimization and save valuable fuel dollars.
  • Quantify the weight and trace-ability of materials for accurate billing.
  • Lower maintenance cost through scheduled alerts anticipated by date, time or mileage.
  • Avoid fines with our compliance with regulations governing the transportation of dangerous goods.

Increase Productivity:

  • Route path creates predetermined routes that facilitates the integration of new employees.
  • Generate pumping activity reports.
  • Precise and error-free reporting – efficiently calculate the source of the waste, the weight and associated costs.
  • Compile the number of trips by vehicle per day, by municipality, by contract, by sector, etc.

Increase Supervision:

  • Monitor vehicles’ location, the progress of the collection of waste and the percentage completed by vehicle, road or contract.
  • Real-time supervision of activities – know the exact number of lifted-bins.
  • Route optimization with GPS terminal – reduce the duration and increase the number of collections per trip.
  • Third-party access to real-time information.

Increase Customer Satisfaction:

  • Faster response times and pick-up time confirmation due to real-time status of waste collection.
  • Inform the citizen of the collection progress by sector.

Features for your Industry

Route Path

Route Path

  • Creation of predetermined routes established by you.
  • Facilitate the integration of new employees and expedite routes with multiple destinations.
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Route Progression

Route Progression

  • Reading of real-time activities on a predefined route.
  • Validate the duration and completion of activities per driver, vehicle, route and contract.
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Waste Management

Waste Management

  • Monitor the type of collections with weight per vehicle, route, zone and contract.
  • Monitor the number of lifted bins, drop-off deposits and associated costs.
  • Divide cost of the municipal recycling center by the number of collections – ensures a fair distribution of cost.
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